Advance Driver Training

On Road Training

While it may at first seem counter-intuitive, there is no doubt that “learning to drive” doesn’t just stop the moment you pass your driving test.  While this initial, formal period of learning is a vitally important step in learning and embedding safe driving habits, it is really designed to get you familiar with the vehicle and its controls.

Practical real world driving is more than just making the car go from A to B. It is about building and executing the safest plan based on the information you can glean from reading the road ahead and the situation around your vehicle.

As the possibilities are endless, the reality is that we are all constantly learning how to drive better.

Take a simple example.  You might quite happily and safely spend your life driving around Ireland, knowing instinctively how Irish drivers behave and react, and never needing to pause for thought on the best way to get from A to B.

Yet if you then decide to go on a holiday in somewhere like France or Spain and, while you are there, rent a car, you are immediately confronted with a whole range of challenges:



  • The driver’s seat is on the opposite side of the vehicle
  • The gear stick is on your right side and not your left side as it is in Ireland
  • You need to drive on the opposite side of the road
  • When turning or changing lanes the angles are all completely different
  • Basic driver behaviour is different – not necessarily better or worse, just different

You might think that we are stating the obvious here – and in many ways we are – but often we don’t think about it until we are already in the midst of the changed situation.

Closer to home, in recent weeks the country has been ravaged by Hurricane Ophelia and Storm Brian.  Needless to say this has meant that we were all suddenly faced with a new range of challenges when driving – even if those challenges were on the roads that we know well.

Heavy rain, fallen leaves and branches, spot-flooding and unexpected detours all contributed to hazardous driving conditions throughout the country.

If we think then of driving not just as a skill learned and perfected once but rather as a skill that we need to constantly enhance and develop, there is no better way to do this than with advanced driver training.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a study by UK charity, IAM Roadsmart found that…

  • 90% of advanced drivers are more aware of other road users and potential hazards
  • 66% believe that advanced driver training helped them to avoid an incident or collision
  • 78% have better car-handling skills

So if you want to enhance your driving skills and be better able to handle the challenges on our roads, contact ISM today to learn about our Advanced Driver Training programmes. 

Our friendly customer Customer Care Team can be contacted on 01 864 1790 or, and they would be delighted to discuss the training options with you.