Driving for Work Policy

Driving for Work

Do you or your employees “drive for work”?

On the face of it, this might appear to be a pretty straight-forward question, or at least in the minds of many!   Even the term “driving for work” seems to conjure images of couriers or truck drivers trekking around the country-side as they fulfill the requirements of their role, yet the reality is much, much more mundane.

So what is “driving for work”?  The RSA are pretty clear about this, outlining that:

Driving for work includes any person who drives on a road as part of their employment (not including driving to and from their work) in either:

  • a company vehicle
  • their own vehicle, with mileage reimbursement from their employer

If you think about it, this includes anyone who gets behind the wheel in the name of your organisation. 

While this includes any “professional” drivers you have working for your such as the couriers or truck drivers we have already mentioned, it also includes anyone who is out and about for your company in a vehicle: a sales rep heading off to meet a customer, the finance manager driving to meet with the company’s auditors, the receptionist ducking off to the post office to send a parcel.

So if each of these people is “driving for work”, what then are your responsibilities as an employer?

For a start, it is important to recognise that the basic Health & Safety legislation applies to anyone driving for work.  By definition this means that risk assessment processes should also be developed and implemented to cover “driving for work” situations.

Beyond that, however, there are some very specific responsibilities that you as an employer have.

The HSA and RSA have published a very helpful set of guidelines that all employers should be familiar with.  These guidelines specify that an employer must make sure that its employees are:

  • Legally entitled to drive the vehicle they are using
  • Using a vehicle that is safe and roadworthy
  • Properly informed, trained, competent and fit to drive the vehicle safely
  • Using the vehicle safely [as per manufacturers and employer instructions]

ISM Training’s specialist Fleet Training Division is highly experienced in all aspects of driving for work.

We support Ireland’s largest organisations – private, state and semi-state – with the implementation of fleet training solutions to ensure that both that their legal obligations are met but more importantly that their employees are able to drive safely and effectively when carrying out their duties and “driving for work”.

How ISM Training can help:

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