Since April 4th, 2011, Essential Driver Training (EDT) has become compulsory for first time Car learner permit holders. Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course that teaches fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety.

All new Learner Drivers who receive their Learner Permits on, or after 4th April 2011 will be subject to completing 12 x one-hour lessons* before applying for their driving test. EDT (Essential Driver Training) candidates will also be required to have an Essential Driver Training Logbook. This logbook will be filled in & signed off after every EDT lesson by your qualified ISM ADI Instructor.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) recommend that all 12 EDT Lessons should be spread out over the first 6 months of your new Learner Permit. They also suggest that Learner Drivers take filler lessons in between these EDT lessons if necessary. It is also recommended to get lots of practice with the help of a sponsor i.e. parent, guardian or family friend who possesses a Full Licence a minimum of two years. Make sure you are insured for this practice.

Irish School of Motoring (ISM) Instructors provide Ireland’s best driving lessons at excellent competitive prices. All our ADI Driving Instructors are fully qualified with new Dual-Controlled Cars which are fully insured for your training. We help you learn to drive at your own pace with no pressure and don’t “oversell” as some smaller schools tend to do.

Additional Information

  • Understand what it means to be a better, safer driver.
  • Practice driving skills in a structured way focused on your own learning needs.
  • Develop lifelong skills that will make you a better safer driver.

Note: EDT is only part of the learning process, you will need lots of practice and may need more than a one hour lesson per module in order to become a safe driver.

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