Course Modules

Day one – Fire Safety/Science

  1. Legislation,
  2. Statistics
  3. Fire Science,
  4. Development the fire, smoke and small travel
  5. Fire prevention
  6. Classes of fire
  7. The selection and use of fire extinguishers
  8. Participants will then be trained in the use of extinguishers 

During the week long break until the final days training, participants will continue to review the notes and presentation at home. 

Day Two – Role of Fire Warden & Emergency Procedures

  1. Pre–fire/fire/post fire duties of the Fire Warden
  2. Understanding people’s behaviour in relation to fire
  3. Emergency plans and evacuation procedures
  4. Emergency lights (overview of general maintenance requirements)
  5. Fire extinguishers (overview of general maintenance requirements & the functions of)
  6. Fire alarms (overview of general maintenance requirements)
  7. Passive fire protection
  8. Active fire protection
  9. Running a Fire Warden Course 
  10. Presentation on a defined topic which will be appointed by the instructor
  11. Each participant will then give a demonstration in the use of a foam and CO2 fire extinguisher which will be assessed by our internal assessor here in the training centre.

A 30 minutes written test will also be given at the end of the course.

Additional Information

You will receive a complete Trainers Start-up Pack with everything from your attendance sheets to your slideshow, and movies included also. We also offer an aftercare service free of charge for anyone that takes part in our courses. We will invite you into a training session and allow you to aid in presenting the class, this will give you the confidence to deliver the training session while on the supervision of one of our professional trainers.

This course is ideal for trainers assigned with responsibility for training within your organisation or those involved in training on a consultative basis. As this course is limited to 2 days there is no train the trainer element, therefore trainers must have some training experience when attending this course.
This course is open to private and corporate students alike providing learners with knowledge that can be applied both at home, in the workplace or wherever there is a risk of fire.

Contact ISM on 01-864 1790 for pricing and availability.

We provide training at various locations throughout Ireland upon request.
ISM Fire Warden-Marshal Instructor Certificate is awarded to all participants on successful completion of this course.
Students will be assessed during their participation on the course.

For more information or to make a booking call us now on 01-864 1790. You can also email


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