We Set The Standard For Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving

As the only Professional Driver Training Standard developed specifically for the Irish Market, ISM ProDrive is the perfect ‘Driving for Work’ solution for your fleet.

Our years of experience have thought us that the most effective training programs are the ones that tailor the training to the driver and the specific problems they may be having.

We are also aware that, even though a companies accident rate is low, there are still many ways drivers can help to reduce your overheads in terms of fuel usage, maintenance and vehicle downtime.

Our goal is not to teach you or your employees ‘how to drive’, but how to apply a specific system to their driving that will make them safer and more confident on the road, and save money.

Our Advanced Driver Training Courses are designed to teach trainees smart, smooth and safe driving techniques that have been proven to reduce annual fuel costs by 5-10%. 

All of our trainers are experienced drivers themselves who understand your industry and the mind-set of your drivers.

“ProDrive Certified drivers have demonstrated the ability to control their vehicle safely and systematically, applying the skills of anticipation and planning, displaying a courteous attitude towards other road users, in a manner that indicates this standard will be maintained in their daily drive”

David Fay, ISM ProDrive Head Trainer

Additional Information

  • Driving for Work Risk Assessment
  • ProDrive Certification
  • Confidence Post Collision
  • Familiarisation with Irish Roads
  • Eco Driver Training
  • Fewer Accidents
  • Reduced Fuel Bills (between 5% and 10% annually)
  • Reduction in Annual Insurance Costs
  • Reduced Wear and Tear
  • Less Down Time
  • Lower Emissions (30%-40% annually)
  • Increased Driver Awareness of Road Safety
  • Less Stressed / More Productive Employees
  • Legal Compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005
  • 1:1 Training
  • 2 Hours On Road In Vehicle
  • Initial Assessment / Training / Final Assessment
  • Review and Debrief
  • Report issued along with post training plan
  • Certificate issued
  • Training is for  all fully licenced drivers, regardless of skill level and covers all vehicle categories, nationwide.
  • Call us on 1850 530 430
  • Email info@prodrive.ie
The ISM ProDrive Standard is a guarantee that all certificate holders have achieved a very high standard of driving in the areas of Safety and Fuel Efficiency.
David Fay, ISM Training & Recruitment

All of our training complies as per the recommendations of the Health and Safety Authority for SAFE DRIVING FOR WORK (2013)

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To find out how the ProDrive Programme can increase the standard of driving in your organisation and drive down the cost of running your fleet, call us on 1850 530 430 or email info@prodrive.ie


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