Driver CPC

Driver CPC

The importance of ongoing driver development is making sure the job is completed in a safe manner.

According to HSA statistics, 44 people died in workplace accidents in Ireland in 2016.  Of these, fully 45% of fatalities involved a vehicle of some shape or form.

But which vehicles?  And what does that tell us about road safety?

Of the 20 people who died in vehicle-related workplace accidents in 2016:

–          19 were male

–          12 were involved in agriculture

–          11 were over the age 55

–          8 fatalities involved a tractor

On a certain level there is nothing overly surprising here.  Farms are dangerous workplaces and farmers do tend to be predominantly older and male, yet beyond that the dangers inherent in warehousing and transportation generally are apparent.

Are men riskier drivers?  Well, data from the US would tend to suggest that they are:

Many more men than women die each year in motor vehicle crashes. Men typically drive more miles than women and more often engage in risky driving practices including not using safety belts, driving while impaired by alcohol, and speeding. Crashes involving male drivers often are more severe than those involving female drivers.

So what does this mean those of us who drive for a living or, indeed, manage those who drive for a living?

The key lesson to take away from this is that Driver CPC and other forms of ongoing development are critical.  Just because someone might be a confident male does not mean that they are a good driver.  Equally, being an “experienced” driver does not mean that you will not have an accident.

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